After two of this year’s most important events – the World Team Championships in Paderborn and the World Open in Rotterdam – had successfully been staged on the latest, state-of-the-art ASB ShowGlassCourt (model 2011, with larger glass panels in the bottom row – for even better view as well as ventilation system for better air conditions on the court), now the last big tournament of 2011 is again played on an ASB ShowCourt.

The „Punj Lloyd PSA Masters“, with a prize money of 165,000.00 US$, will be held in the „Siri Fort Complex“ in Delhi, one of India’s most modern sports facilities (badminton, basketball, swimming, squash, golf, billard, shooting, scating, tennis, yoga, aerobics), which had been inaugurated for the Commonwealth Games 2010. Squash is very well accepted and very popular in the sports complex: In addition to an ASB ShowGlassCourt with two moveable walls for doubles squash, 10 further ASB SquashCourt with 7 movable walls offer best playing conditions also for other sports.